Our wedding party

We picked our closest family and friends to be in our bridal party! We feel so lucky to have these people in our lives and so involved in our wedding!

Caitlin's attendants
  • Britney Wuensch, Maid Of Honor
    Caitlin's Best friend of 10 years!
  • Kelsey Bedinghaus, Bridesmaid
    Caitlin's oldest sister.
  • Emily Bedinghaus, Bridesmaid
    Caitlin's youngest sister.
  • Audrey Bedinghaus, Bridesmaid
    Caitlin's cousin.
  • Krista Robson, Bridesmaid
    Eric's older sister.
Eric's attendants
  • Sean Strzalkowski, Best Man
    Eric's younger brother.
  • Peter Geary, Groomsman
    Eric's older brother.
  • Joey Sedawie, Groomsman
    Eric's cousin.
  • William Bedinghaus, Other
    (Honorary groomsman). Caitlin's younger brother.
  • Steven Robson, Groomsman
    Eric's brother-in-law.
  • Ryan Schnakenberg, Groomsman
    Eric's friend and co-worker.
  • Justin Zeigler, Groomsman
    Eric's friend from college. (As Eric explained it, "His brotha from anotha motha!")
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